wonder-the-movie-posterA Review of WONDER – The Movie

Sahiba C.

Wonder started out with everything revolving around Auggie’s big day as he attended school for the first day. Having being homeschooled his whole life, he was now ready to be a part of fifth grade. But, Auggie isn’t like normal kids;  he has had 27 surgeries just to help him hear, speak and breathe. Yet through it all he has been nothing but strong. The real test arrives when he has to go to school – everyone stares at him and Auggie wants nothing more than to hide in his toy astronaut helmet – but he pulls through. Simultaneously, it is seen that Auggie’ sister – Via is tangent to the teenage jinx – high school. Typical to first days of high school – Via did not have a great one. Via and Auggie’s parents are battling their own deficit, yet in the end they all pull through. Gradually, to each its own, all the characters slowly settle down in their lives. Which means, the truth had to unfold. The conflict allowed for the teary-eyed people to forget their sadness and for the optimists to say,” I told you so ”. The movie ended on a light note, with spectators leaving the theatre with faces that flushed of happiness.

Although the scenes were well acted, it was obvious that the parents were a bit too overrated. They had no conflicts whatsoever, quite different to what a normal couple would be like. They seemed too “perfect”. Taking into consideration Auggie being bullied, he seemed to be the only kid to be ostracized in the whole of fifth grade. Normally, there are most definitely other misfits in the hierarchy that school life presents. Yet, Auggie, even though as unreal as it may seem that he was the only one bullied – pulled through with strength and dignity.

All the actors of the movie acted wonderfully and it was clear what their characters were going through. The scene with Auggie crying about being ugly, his mother, Isabel Pullman, tells him that he’s not – is surely a well acted scene. The way that Auggie A.K.A Jacob Tremblay cries seems extremely real and is sure to move you to tears. In my opinion, this movie is worth watching.

Wonder, through  all its imperfections, projected a very important topic that affects a lot of us today. The degrading word that starts with the letter B – bullying. Millions of kids and people are still impacted by the hatred implied towards them by bullying. Auggie was bullied for looking a bit differently than the other kids. In all honesty if you do think about it, the most different of the lot are often judged because they don’t follow the crowd. But in the end all we do need to remember is to be ourselves and if any of you reading this are getting bullied – stand up for yourselves. For that is the one of the best things that you can do in the journey to being yourself.

Yet, taking in consideration all of the above, Wonder truly left all of us in awe as each scene unfolded and a new perspective was projected to the spectators. It portrayed each character as an epitome of strength, with their own highlights that conjugated the message of the movie alarmingly well. Truth lay in the well acted scenes, as Auggie was subjected to the darkness that engulfs bullying. Yet through the movie, the camera was focused not only on Auggie, but on the varied versions highlighted by each character. Wonder emphasized on the backstory of every character in a light that no one would even think to acknowledge. It was eerily real, with a dash of comedic value, a spicy seasoning of actors and abundant sprinkles of truth- all in one – to serve the perfectly imperfect yet still perfect dish.