Untitled Poem 1 – Marina M.

I am from
A place where people love to chat
I am from
Gift giving on Christmas Day
Unwrapping surprise after surprise
I am from the rushing streets of New York
To the sunny shores of California
I am from my grey sock monkey
Memories shared fill my heart, like cotton stuffing
I am from rainy days, cuddling up in cozy blankets, and
Surrounding myself with an abundance of books
I am from the journey ahead – opening new doors and
Leaving no stone unturned


Untitled Poem 2 – Marina M.

I am from
A place where the houses are old and the
People are sweet.
I am from a caring household with all you can eat.

I am from my mom’s delicious sugar cookies and
Big breakfasts on Sunday mornings.
I am from the warm beaches and soft waves of Hawaii.
I hope to see a different part of the world,
A place that has plenty of adventure.

I am from the feelings of my warm baby blanket
Hugging my small body.
I am from a family that gives never ending love
And always accepts you for you.

I am from fresh starts and new beginnings
Warm hellos and soft goodbyes.